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Reload udev rules without reboot

Reload udev rules without reboot :

start_udev do the work, but isn't a good idea....better use the following commands 

on rh6 :

/sbin/udevadm trigger --type=subsystems --action=add
/sbin/udevadm trigger --type=devices --action=add

on rh 5 :

echo change > /sys/block/sdd/uevent
echo change > /sys/block/sdd/sdd1/uevent


Fedora 18 and Systemd


Show all the services :

chkconfig –list

with systemctl :
systemctl list-unit-files –type=service

start or stop a service

/etc/init.d/httpd start or service httpd start

/etc/init.d/httpd stop or service httpd stop

with systemctl :

systemctl start httpd.service

systemctl stop httpd.service

enable or disable services :

chkconfig –add httpd && chkconfig httpd on

chkconfig httpd off

with systemctl :

systemct enable httpd.service

systemct disable httpd.service

Cairo Dock

Un’interessante addon per il vostro desktop che insieme a Compiz Fusion rendera’ entusiasmante la vostra interfaccia grafica.

Installazione di Cairo Dock :

yum -y install cairo-dock cairo-dock-devel cairo-dock-plug-ins cairo-dock-themes

per eseguire Cairo Dock in automatico alla partenza :

System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Sessions

su Stertup Programs fare +ADD e aggiungere cairo-dock .